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Why do I need an app?

Irish consumers are spending €600,000 online every hour, and without an easy to use app you’re missing out on an ever growing sector of the market. We make sure your app takes up very little space (<40mb) on your customers’ devices so it can stay there as a permanent advertisement for your store. Allowing consumers the ability to browse your entire product range from their couch or on their lunch break rather than only when they get to your store grows your order volume and online orders constantly prove to be 25% higher than those made in person.

Okay I don’t have €100,000 to make a fancy app though.

We understand and that’s why we have created an affordable model that takes this into account. With monthly payments starting at only €100 per month for your first €10,000 in orders you get all the benefits of having a beautiful app for your customers to interact with, without the hefty price tag or maintenance costs.

How do I know that 16 year olds aren’t just going to order through this app?

We use patented Idyllic ID verification software to ensure you meet and exceed all legal and ethical requirements for the sale of alcohol. You select what forms of ID you will accept (Passport, Driver’s Licence, Garda Age Card etc.) and then your customers use their smartphone camera to scan the ID. This is verified against a central database for authenticity and then when the delivery / collection is being made we allow your customer to share a copy of the ID with you for 10 seconds via a One Time Code (OTC). With a €20 restocking fee as standard to act as a deterrent we have a 100% success rate from our pilot launch and will not settle for any less.

How do I know my customer’s information will be secure?

All of your information sits in your portal which requires your username and password to access. However, even if these are compromised we use 2 factor verification to ensure that your customer’s data cannot be accessed. This is involves a code being sent to the mobile number that you have registered with so you always have control of your account. We are GDPR compliant by design.

How do I know that my and my customer’s financial details aren’t at risk?

We use Stripe, our payment partner, to manage the payments from your customers to you. Stripe are a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 company, which is the highest international standard. Neither you nor Spideog Solutions can see your customer’s payment details and Spideog Solutions cannot see yours. This means that even in the unlikely event of a security attack all payment information is secure.

Is my app just for doing deliveries?

Your app will allow you to toggle on and off three modes:

On-demand delivery: Allow your customers to order for delivery within the next couple of hours.

Scheduled delivery: Allow your customers to order for delivery within the next week.

Collect in store: Allow your customers to purchase their favourite drinks ahead of time so they are ready for them when they arrive.

What if a new product comes in or if I want to change the price of something on offer?

We have a central library with 2000+ products on it that we’re constantly updating as new ones come to market so if you just search you should be able to find what you’re looking for. You can change the price or place an offer (including sending a push notification to your customers about it!) through your store portal.